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Update:  2013 has been an exciting year for us at Deer Hunter Tree Stand Company.  With the addition of Sam Scudera & his entire family to the ownership group we are making some changes to our product line.  For that reason we have depleted our current inventory and are basically sold out for 2013.  If you are still interested in purchasing a stand or need parts in 2013 or early 2014 please contact me at  Thank you and enjoy the video of our new "Safety Cinch"

In 2009 Marty & Doug purchase Deer Hunter Tree Stand Company of Hickory North Carolina.  We moved the company to Eleroy Illinois.  Our fundamental business plan since then has been to use the sale of the inventory we purchased to learn the business, develop the manufacturing in the Midwest and refine our product line to address todays hunters, while keeping the company on solid financial ground.

With the addition of Sam & Mary Scudera along with their entire family to the ownership group in March of 2013 that plan is taking it's final steps.  Sam has spent the last 8 plus years developing and patenting his "Safety Cinch"  We believe this product will change the way you look at setting up your ladder stands by allowing you to totally attach your stand before you ever leave the ground.  As we have been doing our test marketing it is unbelievable the number of "near miss" stories we are hearing from hunters about setting up their stand, let alone the "darn squirrel" stories of chewed through ratchet straps.

For those of you who love Ken's climbers, don't worry they aren't going any where.  In 2014 we will produce 4 models, The "New Eagle"... 2 inches wider than the old eagle stand.  Ken's Original Hulk 102 & Super Hulk 104 Models and the most comfortable climber on the market today the 777 recliner.  All will still have the double v-blade design for added safety.  Please visit our site often and "like" our Facebook page Deer Hunter Tree Stand Company to keep updated as we transform the company over the next six months.

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     Ken's Original Climber Tree Stand Series

      Climber Tree Stands

Lightweight Aluminum Climber Tree Stands -

* Model #100 -  At 19 lbs it is one of the lightest Climber Tree Stands on the market today

* Model # 104 Super Hulk - The "big daddy", this climber tree stand will accomidate a 500 lb hunter

* Model #777 Reclining Climber Tree Stand - One of the most comfortable stands manufactured today

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